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Pregnancy routine

October 22, 2017

During my pregnancy, I stuck pretty much to the same exercises as usual, with a few modifications. I didn’t do anything too crazy but was able to limit my total weight gain to 25 lb.
What worked for me is that I exercised every day for at least 20 min.
The daily routines were an alternation of full body workouts with cardio training. Here is the summary.

Full body workouts

  • Warmup: bridge and Kegels
  • Squats (on the light side towards the end of the pregnancy)
  • Sumo deadlifts, which have the benefits of regular deadlifts but my belly wouldn’t get on the way
  • Incline bench press
  • Different variations of rows
  • Pull-ups (less and less as the pregnancy progressed)

When I had time, I would finish with shoulder exercises:

  • Face pull
  • External rotations
  • Front raises

I would also do some triceps on the TRX.

Cardio training

I had 3 different go-to exercises:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • High-intensity cycling classes: “The Pursuit” at Equinox

Final tips

I love to do handstands. I was able to do them until almost the last week and they never bothered me. Finding my balance became more challenging towards the end, for obvious reasons!
Some of my friends wondered if I wasn’t bothered at the cycling classes. All I had to do was raise the handlebar and listen to my body. If I felt dizzy or too tired, I would lower the resistance of my bike.
That was my approach to exercise. It worked for me! Two weeks after delivery my weight came back to 8 lb above my pre-pregnancy weight.

Deneeb RuizWritten by Deneeb Ruiz personal trainer and proud mom. You should follow her on Instagram