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Spring Checkpoint

April 28, 2018

Upper body

Marco is almost 8 months old now! As a result, he is moving more and needs more attention, which means mom has less time to take care of herself.

I feel like my upper body strength is almost the same as before. It’s probably thanks to the fact I focused mainly in Pilates, and favored quality over quantity.

There are a few Pilates movements that focus on shoulder correction, and I’ve been working on those to ensure good technique while performing pull-ups or other challenging exercises.

For me, these were:

  • Pulling straps on the Reformer
  • Star on the Reformer
  • Mermaid on the Cadillac

(I’ll add videos explaining those soon)

I’m glad I had somehow to focus on my Pilates certification. It made me almost stop lifting, but I could work on my foundations.


Most women feel their hips become tight in the first months after their child’s birth, due to nursing and reduced exercising while taking care of the baby. That has been a problem for me too. My current focus will be to recover my hip mobility so I can go back to doing deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats, etc.

To achieve this goal, I introduced the following routine at least once a week

Hip Mobility: 90/90 drill

Seating on the floor, place your lead leg in front of you, bent to 90 degrees, lined up with your heel. The entire external side of the leg is in contact with the floor. You can place the opposite hand on your heel to help keep your torso parallel to the lower leg.

Place the other leg to your side, also bent to 90 degrees, heel to your back. Try to have the lower leg’s internal side flat on the floor, and keep the upper leg as close as possible to the floor.

Lean forward and hold the stretch for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 reps.

Glutes activation

I do 3 sets / 15 reps of each of the following exercises:

  • In all fours, with an elastic band above knee, open your leg to the side.
  • In all fours, with an elastic band above knee, extend one leg and pulse up and slightly to the side.
  • Single leg hip thrusts.

Deneeb RuizWritten by Deneeb Ruiz personal trainer and proud mom. You should follow her on Instagram