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November 05, 2017

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Last week with the nice weather we decided to go for a short ride that ended up being a little longer than we thought. I was a little worried about biking and bending over. But after a few minutes into the ride, I realized I was fine and got my confidence back. Still, I was cautious over the bumps to be on the safe side and avoid feeling it on the incision. Being outside gave me this awesome sensation of freedom and being back to what I love: outdoors and fitness.

The ride was a little over an hour and by the end, I couldn’t wait to go find my baby. I decided to be more patient than usual and go little by little on the coming back process. I was increasing by 10 minutes on every ride.

Today I took a big step further and tried a high-intensity spinning class: The Pursuit by Equinox. Best class ever! That was a class I took during my pregnancy.I guess my body remembered right away because - to my surprise - I wasn’t out of breath and I ended first in the women’s category! I had a huge feeling of achievement after class. I know it seems trivial but for someone that loves biking as much as I do, that is a milestone…

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