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Birth Day

September 08, 2017

Marco has arrived!

Marco Yves was born today! (No, I’m not in the hospital anymore. I’m cheating because I’m writing this post from the future :-))

Below is a picture from our very first moment together.

marco and me

Now that I’m “in the future” I can tell you all is going well. But it was not a smooth process.

Most of my pregnancy was like normal life. I had a very annoying rhinitis at the end of the first trimester and feared it would last for the rest of it. I read this article that said it could happen. Luckily, mine went away within 2 weeks. It actually went away after a short trip I did to Bahamas in February. I’m sure the summer weather helped a lot. I will definitely suggest you give it a try if you have the opportunity and are in the same situation.

After that, it all went with no big issues. Like I said in my previous post, I was able to exercise throughout my pregnancy. I only had some difficulty during the rhinitis period, because I could hardly breathe.

Pregnancy went well. My doctor checked that the baby was in the right position. So I planned for natural delivery.

I arrived at the hospital yesterday at 10 am. After 25 hours of labor, the doctors saw signs of distress on the baby’s heartbeat monitoring. They decided to help us out by pulling his head with a vacuum extractor since the head was almost out.

My husband was concerned that this might be a hurtful technique and asked if a c-section would be safer. The doctor said it would be dangerous to do one because they’d need to pull him back in. Long story short, they tried the suction cup… twice! Each time the head was halfway out, it would pop out with a worrying noise, and the baby would sink back in.

At the second attempt, the baby’s heartbeat went down to the 90s. They decided to do an emergency c-section.

After about a half hour, Marco was out, but with a pretty severe subgaleal hemorrhage. See also this wikipedia article.

Marco went to the special care nursery to do an MRI. Luckily, it revealed no brain or skull damage. He also got jaundice, due to the bleeding caused by the vacuum extraction attempts. This could have been bad, but everything is good now!

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