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September 03, 2017

Welcome to my blog! Yesterday, September 2nd 2017, was my due date. I’m expecting a little boy anytime now!

For many people, in many parts of the world, pregnancy is seen like a sort of “condition” women have to deal with for 9 months. They are told to rest, sit, lay down… and avoid any sort of high intensity activity.

I was in awe when my doctor told me there was no reason to be in that mindset nowadays, and that I could keep doing all the exercise my body would allow me to. I always thought there were some major restrictions like you have to keep your heart-rate below a certain number. In the past, I thought one day I if I was pregnant I would probably spend my time sitting in the couch eating ice cream - reason being that I have a sweet tooth. Instead, I lived a very active pregnancy and was able to stick to eating healthy throughout those last 9 months. I took high-intensity fitness classes in a regular basis, kept doing strength training, and my baby followed my movements in all circumstances - including handstands!

I’m a certified personal trainer and am used to exercising every single day. It’s something I can’t live without, and pregnancy was (almost) no exception. I took my pre and post-natal personal training certification when I was in my 6th month, just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything crazy :-)

This comforted me in my lifestyle choices, and today I’m ready to have my baby, who has been following my movements since day 1.

I now look forward to being with my baby, and retrieve my fitness level from 9 months ago. My weight is today 155 pounds (from 127 before the pregnancy).

Throughout these pages, I want to document my journey towards going back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I can’t guarantee I’ll make it, but I have high hopes that through commitment, regular training, and healthy eating, I will achieve my goal.

I will be sharing my progress, my methods, and of course my new life with my son!

Deneeb RuizWritten by Deneeb Ruiz personal trainer and proud mom. You should follow her on Instagram